Jun - 4 - 2012

Student accomodation

Where should you live ? Often when you start university you move out from your parents home and into some other arrangement. This is either due to the location, it is probably in a major city and you live to far away, or it is because as you are starting to enter the adultlife you wanted to move away from home and get a bit of freedom and become independant. […]

May - 15 - 2012

School – The Way It Is

You have to go to school Everyone has to go to school, at least those who have the chance to live in a country where such a system exists. Nowerdays children start very young, they might even go to kindergarten before joining school, this often helps parents who both have to work. See the good things Most children do not like it, it is a fact. Well, you do make […]

Apr - 19 - 2011

Education for everyone

Education ist not for granted In the western and modern world and society we take school and education for granted. It is a big part of our lives and we have access to an endless amount of knowledge and higher level education. Sometimes we think that school is of no use, even dispise it and would prefer not to have school. We just do not realise how lucky we are. […]

Mar - 24 - 2011

Staying ahead in the field of plastic surgery

The demand of plastic surgery for beauty purposes has rapidly increased during the last years. More and more people like to get a breast augmentation in German “Brustvergrößerung” or their nose with which a lot of people are not satisfied done. All over the world a great amount of specialists offer their services to patients. Due to the fact that the international competition is fierce, plastic surgeons have to provide the […]