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You will need to plan and manage your time well if you want to create a high quality dissertation quickly. The most important things in this case are to develop a well-though-out schedule and keep to it. Your self-organization skills will be tested to their peaks when you work on such a big project, especially if you need to work and study at the same time. This is why sound planning is essential.

How to Write a Great Dissertation:

The following tips will teach you how to write a good dissertation without wasting any time:

  • Set a goal for yourself.
  • You need a powerful motivator to spur you into action and keep you energized on days where you are in no mood for academic work. A definite goal marked on your calendar will serve as a good incentive. Start by defining the final goal that you will be able to achieve through the research you work on for the dissertation, such as a chance to build a good career. Mark the day of the defense as the major event that separates you from achieving your main objective. Next, break down the writing process into parts, and mark the dates by which you need to complete each of them in order to have a good dissertation on your hands for the defense.

  • Start working on the dissertation immediately.
  • This project is so big that you cannot afford to waste even a day for your work. The time you have available for research will be limited because of your other commitments, so you need to use every minute you can spare. Plan your writing schedule in a way that will allow you to give your drafts to the advisor and some trusted friends for some valuable feedbacks.

    Other people will be able to notice mistakes you might miss, as they assess the paper with unbiased, critical eyes. The feedback you get from your advisor is essential, as this person is an experienced professional who will be able to show you how to improve the dissertation in the most efficient manner.

  • Develop a worksheet for every week.
  • You can use a specialized planner that can be purchased at any stationery shop in order to make things easier. Determine how many hours a day you have to work on the dissertation, and set your goals for the week. Then, plan your work in a way that will allow you to utilize the time you have in the most efficient manner. Mark every activity you need to perform during the day in your schedule, not just the hours that you need to spend working on the dissertation. Be sure to allot some time for leisure, as you need to relax a bit in order to prevent getting overstressed.

Work on the dissertation for short periods of time.

It will be more effective to have three or four 30-minute sessions than a single one that lasts for two hours. You may not believe it at first, but you can actually achieve quite a bit in as short a time as half an hour, and your performance will only improve with practice.

Long sessions are less productive because it’s difficult to complete several different tasks without any breaks in your work. You will also tire quickly and your overall efficiency will be greatly reduced.

Life is unpredictable, and something can prevent you from sticking to your routine at some point. The damage of this disruption can be reduced if you prioritize the tasks you need to complete and start with the most difficult ones.

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